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People often ask me, "How did you end up doing this work?"

On the surface, I can see how one career led to another. Digging deeper, I realize that the organizing work I have been doing since 1999 embraces most of my life’s professional experiences over 43 years, and fully expresses what motivates me in life.

I once thought I would hang out a shingle that read, "Here to Help." That seemed to sum up my life’s purpose. I have always wanted to be helpful to others – in all sorts of ways. I look for ways to make life easier and more comfortable, to find solutions to problems, to figure out how things can work more effectively and efficiently, to be a sounding board and to offer guidance and advice when asked. I am always looking at how things work, or don’t, and what I can do to improve the process. I even like to solve technical mysteries involving computers and other electronics. So I am a happy camper when I can help others with organizing challenges.

Practicing psychotherapy for ten years prepared me well for listening with compassion and without judgment, noticing my clients' needs, feelings, and thoughts, being fully present, and knowing how to build safe and lasting relationships. I learned to quickly assess a multitude of issues and help clients discover solutions and come to terms with life’s complexities.

Much of my other professional work has involved coordinating and completing projects - seeing the big picture of all that needs to be done, gathering the necessary resources, dealing with schedules, budgets and people, and then attending to the details of completing the assignment – just like organizing.

Serving as a former executive director of a non-profit, in addition to several years of experience working in a large corporation, I am familiar with the unique demands of these professional environments, as well as the common challenges such as operating with big budgets, managing multiple programs and schedules and communicating effectively with many different types of people.

As a small business owner since 1974, I have had many opportunities to develop expertise in tax preparation and personal finance. I have also helped clients with bookkeeping, budgeting, debt management, and other personal finance projects, and worked for an accountant for several years helping prepare tax returns.

Helping people navigate life transitions, complete projects, understand money – all my previous experiences fit into WholeLife Organizing. But when I began working on organizing projects in 1999, I didn’t even know there was a career called professional organizing. Once I learned others were also doing this work, that an entire association existed for people like us, I formally founded my consulting business in 2001. Since then, I have been privileged to help many people face their unique organizing challenges.

Now I am here to help you.


A Good Fit. The success of our work together depends on "good fit." It is important that you feel safe and comfortable with me, and confident that I can, and am, actually helping you. The way we go about your project also needs to fit with how you do things naturally, your personality, attention span, energy level, temperament and budget. I also need to believe I am the best person to help you.

Mutual Respect. Working with organizing projects often means exposing very private information. I am committed to respecting, and keeping confidential, what I learn about you and your life, and to honor your trust in me. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I abide by their Code of Ethics.

Growing awareness. There will be many opportunities to learn more about yourself and how you attend to things.

My Green Side. I will go to great lengths to find ways to reuse and recycle things you no longer want or need, and to find organizations that will greatly benefit from your donations.


  • Psychotherapy and counseling with individuals, couples, groups
  • Coaching residential and professional clients on organizing, productivity, life management issues
  • Project coordination
  • Tax preparation
  • Non-profit administration (Executive Director)
  • Group and meeting facilitation
  • Writing and editing
  • Educational course design and development


  • M.A. Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University
  • M.S. Journalism, Columbia University
  • B.A. cum laude, French Literature, New York University

Professional Credentials

  • Certified Organizer Coach, graduate of comprensive training program, Coach Approach for Organizers, credentialed and certified through the Institute of Applied Coaching (IAC), 2010 and 2013
  • Trainer in Coach Approach for Organizers Foundation Program, IAC
  • Developer and Presenter of teleclasses for the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD).  Topics: Understanding and Locating Mental Health Resources, Personality Styles and Chronic Disorganization, Processing Modalities
  • Specialist in Chronic Disorganization, ICD, December 2003
  • Specialist in Attention Deficit Disorder, ICD, March 2005
  • Continuing Education Areas: Learning Styles and Modalities, Client Administration, Mental Health Issues, Working with Physically Challenged Clients, Working with Elderly Clients
  • Member, National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) 2002 - present
  • Member, National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (ICD) 2003 - 2014
  • Member, North Carolina Chapter of NAPO (NAPO-NC)

in the media

"Increasing Clients’ Support: Locating Mental Health Resources in Your Community." The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization for Professional Organizers.  ED Kate Varness. St. Louis:  The Institute for Challenging Disorganization, 2012.

"Increasing Clients’ Support: Locating Mental Health Resources in Your Community." The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers for Related Professionals.  ED Phyllis Flood Knerr. St. Louis:  The Institute for Challenging Disorganization, 2014.

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"Professional Organizing Becomes a Booming Business" transcript of a radio report by Leda Hartman, broadcast on Voice of America Radio, January 1, 2004, and on Minnesota Public Radio’s "Marketplace Morning Report" on January 2, 2004. Leda interviewed one of my clients about our work together over 18 months and reported on the process and the benefits she received through the organizing we completed.

After Work

When not working with clients I enjoy watching birds feeding outside my window, communing with our cat, Nudgy, walking through our wooded neighborhood or taking more strenuous hikes with Doug, relaxing with a novel, luxuriating in silence.