wholelife organizing



A Personal Needs Assessment

Answering the following questions will help you decide if you need professional organizing help.


  • Do you waste lots of time looking for what you need?
  • Are you embarrassed to have people over because you don’t want them to see the chaos in your home or office?
  • Do you buy something even though you know you probably own one but can’t find it?
  • Are you paying for storage space?
  • Do you still have boxes you haven’t unpacked from your last move (or two)?

Paper and Email

  • Do you waste time and feel frustrated looking for information you know you have?
  • Do you wake up at night sweating because you forgot to pass on a message at work?
  • Do you spend hours wading through email, not knowing what to answer or not?

Personal Finances

  • Are you paying late fees and finance charges on your bills?
  • Do you dread opening your mail or online bill notices and let them  pile up unopened for periods of time?
  • Do you file for tax extensions year after year?

Time and Productivity

  • Are you frequently late to meetings and appointments?
  • Do you feel unproductive working in your office?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed by what you need and want to do?
  • Is it hard for you to prioritize your workload?
  • Do you have various projects started but not finished?
  • Have you tried several times to get organized on your own, but failed?

If you answered "YES" to several of these questions, contact me and let's talk about your situation and how I can help you.

blue bullet Why organize? 12 Good Reasons

  • Reduce stress, frustration, and overwhelm
  • Feel more in charge of your life
  • Enjoy having people over
  • Improve personal productivity and efficiency
  • Save money when you don’t pay for storage and late fees
  • Liberate your attention for the present moment
  • Improve your credibility with those who count on you
  • Gain self-confidence from accomplishing your goals
  • Feel more ease and pleasure where you work
  • Project a better image to colleagues, clients, and friends
  • Create more free time
  • Think more clearly, improve your focus.

blue bullet WHY HIRE yvonne Trostli at WHOLELIFE ORGANIZING?

  • Extensive experience with many situations and clients (See the SAMPLE PROJECTS page.)
  • A compassionate and nonjudgmental approach
  • An objective perspective and the ability to keep the big picture in mind and attend to details at the same time
  • Many creative solutions
  • Not easily daunted by big messes
  • Expertise in working with chronic disorganization
  • Keen understanding of the specific individualized solution that best fits your needs
  • Reliable, trustworthy, sensitive.

To learn more about Yvonne, see the ABOUT page.